Explorers Summer Camp is in a league of its own among summer camp programs in terms of the academic enrichment and life skills participants gain from attending. Here are seven ways Explorers Summer Camp will benefit your son or daughter: 

  • Raises academic skills, test scores, grades, self-confidence and motivation
  • Provides peer support that reinforces efforts, achievements and positive attitudes
  • Improves communication, listening and peer relationship skills
  • Uncovers and teaches to individual learning styles
  • Encourages goal setting and taking responsibility for one's actions
  • Enhances the capability for problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Ensures a challenging, safe program that is intellectual, physical, creative and fun.

Other summer camp program simply can't compare. 

School is a challenging experience. Classes and teachers can become more demanding. Students often find themselves struggling to find out who they are, what they're good at and what group of friends they fit in with. At Explorers Summer Camp, kids and young adults will discover their individual learning styles and develop skills for dealing with a heavier academic schedule. 

They also learn how to participate in "real-life" activities that enable them to make responsible choices and win the support, understanding and guidance of teachers and parents. And, of course, they will make friendships with students from other schools, discover their talents and strengths and prepare for their transition into the new school year. 

Other summer camps just can't compare to Explorers Summer Camp in terms of how participants gain both learning skills and real world life skills. Whether you're looking at youth summer camps for children ages 5 to 15, Explorers Summer Camp is the program for your child. 

The skills campers learn at Explorers Summer Camp will help ease school stress, build study skills, improve grades and increase test scores, including the GLAT, BJC and BGCSE. 

Our life skills courses show students ways to discover their strengths, pursue goals, make big decisions, solve problems and resolve conflicts. We focus on self-expression, peer relationships, trust in others and maintaining one's individuality in the world. 

Summer Enrichment Programs

First Group Of Campers 1997

The first summer camp, with 55 students attending, was held in July 1997. Results were so impressive the camp grew quickly and the word spread. Explorers Summer Camp has graduated over 1,000 students from all walks of life and different schools. 

Explorers Summer Camp has become one of the most comprehensive summer camp programs for helping students, by providing lasting skills in such diverse areas as reading comprehension, study skills, writing skills, critical thinking and life skills, to name a few. The camp operates under the direction of Cyber Tech Training Centre.

Cyber Tech Training Centre Science & Technology Summer Camp (Formally Explorers Summer Camp) Has Been Helping Students Become More Successful Since 1997. 

Thanks to the vision of Mr. Philip A. Curry, the President of Cyber Tech Training Centre and founder of Explorers Summer Camp, and the energy and contributions of other talented staff members, Explorers Summer Camp has grown over the years to become one of the elite and most highly respected summer camp programs among parents and students.

Explorers Summer Camp is based on concepts that make learning fun and easy, along with positive peer support and carefully orchestrated environmentally planned field trips. 

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