If you're like most parents, you probably have a few questions about Cyber Tech Training Centre’s Science & Technology Summer Camp, as you would about any summer camp. This FAQs page attempts to answer the most commonly asked summer camp questions we get.

Who Attends STSC? 
Our participants are similar to those in a typical classroom. While students' grades range from straight A's to failing, the majority are somewhere in between. We believe everyone possesses enormous potential and can be successful in school and in life - if given the tools and confidence to learn and grow. 

At What Age Can Come To STSC? 
The camp is open to all students from grades 1 through Grade 12.  Campers will be grouped by age and their learning ability.

What Are The Backgrounds And Experience Of The Teachers? 
Our teachers are enthusiastic, supportive and committed to positively impacting the lives of the students.  All of our teachers are trained and certified, and currently work in the government or private school system.   Not surprisingly, most of the teachers return year after year because they enjoy the experience of working with kids and young adults. 

When Can Parents Observe The Program? 
Parents are invited to attend the Open-House which is held on the last day of the camp from 9:00am to 2:00pm where they will be able to speak with the teachers and receive the students progress reports.  

Will My Child Be Safe And Secure?
Cyber Tech Training Centre’s Science & Technology Summer Camp (Formerly Explorers Summer Camp) was started in 1997 and has a track record of success, not only in terms of the results participants achieve, but also as a safe, secure environment. Unlike some summer study programs that let students leave campus, Cyber Tech Training Centre’s Science & Technology Summer Campers remain on-campus at all times. 

What If A Student Is Reluctant To Go?
Although many students choose to attend, it's not uncommon for students to be hesitant about attending. We hear from many parents that this is a typical reaction their children have to summer camp programs in general. Please call us and take a look at what some Cyber Tech Training Centre’s Science & Technology Summer Camp have to say.  Many of them were reluctant to attend and ended up having the time of their life. Here's what we've heard: 

“I felt at home soon after arriving. “
“I looked forward to the challenge course. It was great!” 
“It defined my strengths and I learned how smart I really am. “
“I made a lot of new friends and  fantastic people and continue to communicate with them.”

What Kind of Supervision Is Provided?
There is no more than 20 students per class. Each class is divided into two groups and each group is assigned a team leader and a deputy leader. Among other responsibilities, team leaders assist the teachers and help supervise and support fellow campers. 

How Does Cyber Tech Training Centre’s Science & Technology Summer Camp Differ From Tutorial Programs?
The most fundamental difference involves the way we help facilitate lasting changes in a student's attitude and motivation toward school. At Explorers Summer Camp, students learn lifelong learning skills they can apply to any subject and serve as a roadmap toward academic success.

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