Students are expected to maintain orderly and disciplined behavior, demeanor, and conduct throughout the camp and at all planned activities and functions of the camp.

Students are not allowed to bring personal items such as toys, hand-held computer games, calculators, jewelry, radios or any other items of value that could be lost or stolen.  Cyber Tech Training Centre will not be held responsible for personal items brought to the camp that are lost or stolen.

Students are expected to follow instructions and obey directions as given from each staff member of Cyber Tech Training Centre.

During physical and leisure activities especially, as well as in the classroom setting, students will refrain from horseplay,skylarking and be attentive and responsive to adult direction and supervision at all times.

No cursing, profanity or fighting at any time verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated and may result in suspension.

No weapons, no toy weapons, or ANYTHING that may be perceived as a weapon or object to induce harm to student or staff member, are permitted on the premises or at any camp function or activity.

Students must be quiet and respectful of classes in session when going out on break, lunch or when using the restroom. 

Summer Camp Code of Conduct

Each participant is expected to have appropriate conduct throughout the day and during all activities.  In order to maintain a safe, healthy and conducive learning environment please note the following:

All conduct infractions will be cause for parental notification and/or subject to immediate dismissal from all camp activities and participation (all fees will be forfeited) based on the severity of the infraction.

Student's Testimonials