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  • BJC General Science
  • BJC Religious Studues
  • BJC Social Studies
  • BJC Mathematics
  • BJC English Language
  • BJC Health Science

Coverage of the subject content is intended for a period of approximately three years, beginning in grade 7 for the BJC Examinations by The Bahamas Ministry of Education.  We have condensed the syllabuses into a nine month, TWO SEMESTER supplemental preparatory program.  We have selected a list of course topics that we feel covers a broad spectrum of the subject areas.  

It is the responsibility of the student to attend classes as scheduled because different subject matters will be covered on a weekly basis.  Class participation is a must, homework assignments must be turned in on time if you wish to be successful in passing your exams.

Our BJC Preparatory classes are not designed to replace that what is taught in a normal classroom setting but is designed to supplement those classes.  Therefore we recommend that students only enroll in preparatory classes that they are doing or have done in Junior High School. 

Bahamas Junior Certificate BJC