Examination Information & Regulations

Examination Registration
CTTC will be registering students for the BJC/BGCSE 2014 exams beginning  Monday November 4th, 2013.  Application forms can be collected from the Front Office.  

To register for the exams, you will need two (2) Passport size pictures, your National Insurance Number, the completed Application Form along with the money for the exams.  This must be turned into CTTC Front Office no later than 3:00pm Friday December 7th, 2013.

Before you receive your Official Timetable, you will be required to sign off on the information you provided on your application;  such information as the correct spelling of your name, date of birth and confirmation of the exams and level that you are taking.  This will be done between the last week in February and the first week of March 2014.

Individual Students’ Timetable
Individual Students Exam Timetables will be issued by Ministry of Education’s Examination Section. These timetables should be ready by mid April 2014.  Please continue to check with our Admissions office for future updates. 

There will be an Unofficial Exam Timetable posted on the Notice Board in the office of CTTC. This can be used as a guideline to make advanced preparation for exams.

Examination Location
Students sitting the BJC/BGCSE exams as private candidates of CTTC will be given a specific location to take their exams.  This information will be provided along with your Official Timetable.  The format of your individual Timetable will be listed in date order and not subject order.  

Therefore you should not be absent for any of your examination papers because you missed the date. If you miss a compulsory component for any subject, you will not be allowed to write that component at another time.  You will not be awarded a grade. Don’t Forget To Sign The Examination Register.

You must be present at least thirty minutes (30) before the start of your examination.  You may take into the examination room only the material and equipment which are required.  You must not disturb other candidates once the examination has started.  You must write in blue or black ink, colored pencils or ink may be used only for diagrams.   

Examination Information and Regulations

  • Know the dates and times of your examination.  
  • Arrive at least thirty minutes (30) before the start of each examination, if you arrive late for an examination, report to the invigilator running the examination. 
  • Take into the examination room the pens, pencils, erasers and any instruments which you may need for the examination.  
  • You may not borrow anything from another candidate during the examination.  
  • Listen to the invigilator and do what you are asked to do.
  • Tell the invigilator at once; 
  •      If you think you have not been given the right question paper or all the materials            listed on the front of the paper
  •      If the question paper is incomplete badly printed.  
  • Fill in the details required on the front of your answer book/answer paper before the start of the examination.  
  • If on the day of the examination you feel that your work may be affected by ill health or any other reason, tell the invigilator.  
  • If during the examination you are in doubt about what you should do, raise your hand to attract attention.  
  • The invigilator will come to you and answer your question.  
  • You may not ask for and will not be given any explanation of the questions.  
  • When you leave the examination room you must leave behind the question paper, your answer paper, rough work, and any other materials provided for the examination.

Examination Results
Exam results are usually published by the second week of August.  Candidates of CTTC MUST collect their exam results from our Admissions Office once they are made available by the Ministry of Education.  Exam results will not be given over the telephone and cannot be collected from anywhere else other than CTTC.

Enquiries About Provisional Results
Candidates not satisfied with their published grade can make an official enquiry about their results to CTTC office.  All enquiries must be made in writing to CTTC’s Front Office no later than 3:00pm September 13th 2014.

Official Certificates are usually ready by the second week of February.  Candidates can collect their Certificates from CTTC during regular office hours.