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Coverage of the subject content is intended for a period of approximately three years, beginning in grade 7 for the BJC Examinations and grade 10 for the BGCSE Examinations as outlined by The Bahamas Ministry of Education.  We have condensed the syllabuses into a nine month three semester supplemental preparatory program.  We have selected a list of course topics that we feel covers a broad spectrum of the subject areas.  

It is the responsibility of the student to attend classes as scheduled because different subject matters will be covered on a weekly basis.  Class participation is a must, homework assignments must be turned in on time if you wish to be successful in passing your exams.

Our BJC and BGCSE Preparatory classes are not designed to replace that what is taught in a normal classroom setting but is designed to supplement those classes.  Therefore we recommend that students only enroll in preparatory classes that they are doing or have done in Junior or Senior High School. 

Add/Withdraw Class
If a student wishes to add or withdraw from a class, he/ she   must notify the Business Office and complete the Class Add/Withdrawal Form.

Academic Semesters

The BJC/BGCSE Academic year is divided into two(2) semesters, which consists of sixteen weeks each.  Each semester new topics are covered.  Tuition fees must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the start of each semester.

Before the First Week of Class ......... 100%
During the First Week of Class ........... 40%
During the Second Week of Class ...... 20%
After the Second Week of Class ........... 0%

Absences Impact Learning
We understand the necessity of absences for illness and family emergencies.  We ask that students attend all classes.  When students miss a class, it is difficult for you to make up the work that you miss. 

 It impacts classes where material has to be re-taught or where small group work is crippled with one or more students missing from a group.  Instructors are under no obligation to go over material that you miss.  

Our classes are divided into three semesters.  Fall, Winter and Spring.   

We observes all public holidays according to the Cabinet of the Bahamas Government.

Makeup Work Due To Absences
It is the student's responsibility to make up for work missed due to an absence.
In the case of a pre-planned absence, the student must complete all work and exams either before leaving or as soon as he/she returns as designated by the instructor.

Where illness or other unplanned absences are involved, please contact the Admissions Office via phone/e-mail.  All missed worked must be completed within a reasonable amount of time as specified by the instructors.

Teacher Student Conference
Vitally important to the philosophy of Cyber Tech Training Centre is the individualized interaction between teacher and student.  Teachers will make use of some of their unstructured time to give students individual help and attention.  

They will conduct individual conferences with students concerning their progress in class, discuss problems students may be confronting with material in the course.  These conferences may be teacher or student initiated.

You will be given homework on a periodic basis.  All homework must be completed and turned in as scheduled.  Home work is to be done at home, not five minutes before class starts.

Text Books/Work Books
Students will be required to purchase text book(s) for each subject as outlined in our recommended  Text Book(s) list.  

Students are also required to purchase Practice Work books which is a collection of past examination papers.  Workbooks can be purchased from CTTC Office.

Admissions Policies & Application